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Wareng' NDOVU Productions

Manufacturer of concrete roofing tiles, STD and HEAVY duty paving stones (CABRO), concrete blocks and other precast concrete products.

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The first Wareng Company was founded in 1989 in Eldoret. Concrete roofing tiles, solid blocks and some simple concrete products were made. The company grew steadily and settled where modern and efficient manufacturing plants now run. Ndovu is a manufacturer of precast concrete products. We at Ndovu enjoy the challenge of making anything that may serve the customers’ needs and therefore do not specialize in one type of product. As a result Ndovu offers and makes a vast variety of products from machine paving, to infrastructure, building and garden products. Ndovu brand is well established and is synonymous with good quality and excellent service. Wareng Ndovu Ent 2005 Ltd is an empowered company of which the shares belong to two major building contractors in town. Its people are enthusiastic and optimistic while working for the company. Their positive spirit shines through in all that they do and touches all with whom they come into contact with. Ndovu’s customers say that Ndovu is a pleasure to business with


Ndovu is committed to the manufacture and supply of good quality products. Quality is not only controlled but it is endeavored to continuously improve on quality. Ndovu carries the KEBS mark permit ISO certified for paving blocks, roofing tiles and concrete blocks manufactured in accordance with ISO Certification. Various other products that is uncommon to be included in a recognized national standard are manufactured under county works certification (which are often all other precast products) and subjected to our internal documented and traceable quality system. An example of this is paving slabs where raw materials, processes, dimensions, strength and final appearance are checked. Many other products like garden products are controlled informally including inspection and/or strength checks.

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Our portfolio

What our products have improved investors bussinesses for a durable and affordable makeouts. These customers are:

Shell Service Station: Paving Blocks. Vishva Builders Ltd: Paving Blocks & other precast, Ditman Construction Ltd: IBD Drain, Slabs, kerbs. Mannasse Petroluem: Paving Blocks. Rudra Builders Ltd: Solid Blocks, Cell Ark Systems: Hollow Blocks. Shiv Constructions Ltd: Paving and other precast.. Skylark Constructions Ltd: Roofing Tiles , KPLC (By other contractors): Paving Cabro blocks. ELDOWAS: Blocks . Catholic University EA: Precast. Tai Ent: Kerbs channels

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Products Related Services

The following are offered as product related services to our customers:  Quotations on standard products and also on proposed new and custom designed products; Customers are welcome to try us for price and advice regarding their ideas in precast concrete;  Transportation of products anywhere in Kenya, but free if proximal  Mould design and building in steel. On site survey and consultation New design ideas

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New Design
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On site survey
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Consultation Services
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Transportation Services

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What our clients say?

Found the best solution for my house. would advice anyone who thinks of a great product to try the NDOVU production

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best advisory service ever, i feel confident with the advice I took about the product. As for now i have started a project and the results are promising

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I coulding afford tarmacing my packing space. I tried the NDOVU products and its been now 5 Yrs still new

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We are located near CBD of Eldoret. 1 KM from eldoret town. For any information, Query or question kindly use our contact form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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